Building automation

Building automation is one of the main applicaitons of rSCADA. Select features includes:

  • Replacing traditional DUC systems with intelligent control.
  • Built-in system for self-optimizing PID control.
  • Large data logging capacity.
  • Automatic report generation and alarm system.

rSCADA Alarm

An industrial-strength alarm monitoring system:

  • Collection, generation and presentation of alarms
  • High-reliability: Built-in redundacy and fault tolerance
  • High performance
  • Alarm delivery via E-mail, SMS, and more.
  • Real-time presentation in graphical user interface

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The IP I/O module

MODBUS TCP device with:

  • 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs
  • 4 relays
  • 4 DAC and 4 ADC
  • 1 counter, 1 temperature sensor
  • 1 USART and 1 Ethernet chip
  • Open source libraries and protocols

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Expertise in control communication protocols

Raditex Control AB has years of experience with communication protocols used in control industry. A selection of protocols that we are working with:

  • Meter-Bus
  • MAXIM's 1-Wire devices
  • CAN and CANopen
  • IEC 60870
  • Alarm protocols: RSM-02, RBM600, SiA

We offer consultant and software development services based on these communication protocols. Contact for details.

Open source Meter-Bus library: libmbus

We provide a free and open source library for the M-Bus (Meter-Bus) protocol. The M-Bus protocol is a standard for communicating with utility meters (electricity, water, heat, etc.). The libmbus package also contains a number of easy to use command line programs that can be used for probing M-Bus devices.

  • Fairly complete implementation of the M-Bus protocol
  • Command-line utility applications
  • A handy XML representation of M-Bus data
  • Built-in support for TCP/IP, UDP/IP and serial transport protocols

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Open source MODBUS library: libmodbus

The MODBUS protocol is often used for communicating with various kinds of input/output devices. It is an old and simple protocol, but accurately fullfill its intended purpose of sending commands, setting and reading register values, etc., for devices on a local network. There are numerous MODBUS implementations predating the our libmodbus library - and many of them open source - but none that clearly separates the protocol parsing and transport mechanism. Our goal has therefore been to implement an MODBUS protocol that emphasize this separation, making it easy to add support for new transport protocols.

  • The implementation covers the most commonly used parts of the MODBUS protocol
  • Built-in support for TCP/IP and UDP/IP transport protocols
  • Written in C

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Industrial process control, data acquisition and supervision

rSCADA is a powerful software platform for automation and process control developed by Raditex Control AB. It is a UNIX-based system for PC hardware. The superior performance of modern PC technology and the proven reliability and strength of open source UNIX-like operating systems make rSCADA a flexible and scalable control system ideal for small and large control applications.



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